About Naturopathy

About naturopathy treat chronic conditions naturally self healing

Naturopathy may be your pathway out of an acute or chronic condition even if you have had it for a long time.

Naturopathy believes that for nearly all conditions, a person has a self-healing system. So to heal in naturopathy we aim to bring the pathological influences to end and strengthening the self-healing forces. This is done by a variety of techniques applied to mind, body and spirit, none of which will cause collateral harm.

Naturopathy is a journey. If you are ready to be shown how to live a healthy life, then naturopathy is for you. But if you prefer not to change and keep to bad habits, prescriptions and doctors, then it’s not.

Naturopathy and natural self healing

What causes illness? Basically, there’s no mystery. It’s

  • negative states such as stress, depression, not living who you are, traumas, family issues and so on
  • negative substances such as junk food, glyphosates, chemical medication, air pollution, mould, electro-magnetic radiation from your WIFI, mobile and so on; and lastly
  • body problems such as infection, poor posture, injury, lack of movement, poor sleep, hereditary disadvantages, toxicity, etc
Naturopathy V Conventional Medicine