Asyra for natural healing

ASYRA Testing

PHASE 3 - Next we will do ASYRA testing. The ASYRA is a bio-resonance reader. Everything about us –our thoughts, the way we stand, organ functioning, allergies, emotional responses -- has its bio-resonance. The ASYRA team have put into their programme a library of thousands of bio-resonances – especially the bio-resonances which recur in the patterns of modern disease – and they are continually updating and adding for download.

The client holds a copper cylinder in each hand which connects to the ASYRA hardware. This connects to my Mac which displays the reading in the software in real time. In 15 minutes, the programme will run through all the bio-resonances in its catalogue and test for positive/negative. This gives us particularised identification of pathologies in the client’s system such as allergies, organ dysfunction, hormonal issues etc.; particular toxins, metals, parasites present; the degree of radiation from Wi-Fi, scans, etc.; mould; emotional hang-ups; and so on. It’s a very wide-ranging test.

To use the ASYRA properly requires professional training. The ASYRA gives us data. We need to know how to form from it an overall picture.

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