What is Colonics

What happens in a colonics session?
Warm filtered water is passed into the colon and extracted. This has a flushing effect, dislodging pockets of gas and faecal matter. The water is then drawn out together with the waste. This procedure is repeated continuously for around 45 mins.

What level of professionalism is the therapist required to have?

The Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) to which I belong is recognised as one of the most professional bodies in the field. To commence training, the therapist is required to have already a level of professional knowledge of medicine – for example, that of a doctor, nurse or therapist with nationally recognised qualifications. Training involves instruction in all aspects of intestinal functioning, its impact on health and the practicalities of the treatment. The final exams are rigorous with a high accuracy and competency level needed for a pass.

Is the colonics machine-controlled?

No. I use a hand-controlled, gravity-based system. In my opinion, and many agree with me, this creates a more beneficial, natural process and the therapist can exercise more control.

How will I feel during the treatment?

You will feel yourself being gradually relieved of gas and toxic waste. This creates a good feeling. As we come up against pockets of trapped gas and other blockages, you might feel cramping, but herbs are put into the water to minimise any discomfort. The therapist will also be massaging the abdomen at various times – to help you relax, increase the effect of the flushing and further reduce cramping.

Am I naked in the treatment?

No. You are a given to wear a laundered gown covering most of the body. For most of the treatment, you are on your back. The procedure is conducted in a manner to ensure the dignity of the client.

What about smells?

There are no bad smells because the water passing in and out is enclosed, and the exit water is released immediately into a disposal system.

Is there any risk of perforation of the colon?

No, because the tubes are made of flexible plastic, only extend 2 inches into the rectum and the pressure of the water is minimal.

Does the bowel get lazy if you have frequent colonics?

On the contrary, colonics will clean the colon walls and this, together with the flushing action, will stimulate peristalsis.

Can colonics stretch the colon?

Most likely the colon will already be stretched through carrying faecal load and cycles of diarrhoea and constipation. Colonics will decrease the impacted faecal load and help you come to a better rhythm of elimination, so enabling the colon to come back itself to a greater or lesser extent.

Is there any danger of being infected from the treatment?

No, because new sterile tubes are used for each session.

Can colonics help with diarrhoea?

Yes, because part of the cause of the diarrhoea could be excessive bad bacteria and other irritants in the colon, all of which colonics will help to remove.

What are the benefits of a treatment?

The benefits are enormous. General body health is hugely dependent on the cleanness of the bowels and regular bowel movements. Typically, the symptoms of an unhealthy colon are constipation, bloating, fatigue, tiredness, skin problems, bad breath, aching muscles and joints, random pains, obesity, loss of weight, water retention, bladder infection, thrush, irritability, low moods, etc. A course of colonics together with other applied natural treatments can greatly help these conditions. But more than this, an unhealthy colon will impose stress on the liver, and this will in turn affect all body functioning. An unhealthy colon means accelerated ageing and all the aches and pains that go with it. Mood and emotions are also uplifted by a clean colon. As you may have heard, in modern medicine, the colon has come to be called “the second brain”.

How many visits will I need?

This depends on the client’s condition and the condition of the bowels. Minor problems can be helped with 3-6 visits. More serious problems could need a longer programme. But even a relatively healthy person should have at least four colonics per year.

Are there situations in which colonics is not advised?

Yes, there are more serious conditions where colonics is not advised. Before commencement of your first session, the therapist will clarify whether this applies to you.

Is colonics possible during menstruation?

Yes. More than this, it might help with period cramps.

What about after birth?

Colonics will help relieve the stress of the birth and the body coming back to itself.

Does colonics remove the good bacteria with the bad bacteria?

Most good bacteria are lodged on the bowel wall. Cleaning away faecal blockaging will enable the good bacteria to grow and function much better and not wash them away. In addition, we recommend the use of probiotics and a diet designed to build up good bacteria following treatment.

Does colonics remove vitamins and minerals from the system?

No. Cleaning the colon will improve the absorption of vitamins and minerals from food and supplements.

Do I need to prepare for the treatment in any way?

This is not obligatory, but it will be beneficial if you drink more water in the days prior to the treatment and refrain from tea and alcohol. Two days before the treatment, avoid eating processed food and eat mainly fresh fruit and vegetables, cooked or raw.

How should I behave post treatment?

Rest and keep warm. Avoid stressful exercise for twelve hours. For 24 hours, try not to eat dairy, meat, and too much of raw vegetables. Also avoid alcohol.

When will I next have a bowel movement after treatment?

Usually 36-48 hours afterwards. Eat lightly till then.

Does the therapist add anything to the water used in the treatment?

We have already noted that herbs are used to ease cramping. But herbs might be added also because the therapist will recognise certain conditions or problems and add herbs to address those issues. The herbs will not produce any side effects and add to the therapeutic effect of the treatment.

Is colonics a new treatment?

No, it can be traced to ancient cultures. In the modern era, we have developed new processes and equipment which make the treatment easier, pleasanter and more effective. In addition, we know more about diets and therapies which can be applied as a support to the treatment.

Why shouldn’t I rely on home enemas?

Home enemas can be very beneficial. But an enema only involves one injection of water, the water does not go very far into the colon and does not have the same flushing effect as colonics. Moreover, flushing will restimulate the peristalsis. And this will happen only to a much lesser extent in consequence of an enema. Colonics is a therapy. An enema is an aid.

How will I feel after my colonics?

You will feel lighter, relieved of trapped air and old faecal matter which is weighing you down and causing all kinds of side effects. You stomach will be flatter, softer and more flexible. You might feel a little tired and dizzy for a little while, but this is only natural after removing so much toxicity and this feeling will soon go.

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