Explaining Naturopathy Through 5 Simple Cases

To help you understand how Naturopathy works, I give you 5 cases. Two in script below and three audio files.

Audio Files

Betty’s endless colds

Betty had a cold every few weeks. She stopped working and turned into a stay-at-home. She took all kinds of regular and psychiatric medication. I saw that Betty had low self-esteem. Over a number of sessions, I built up her self-esteem and taught her how to look after her body immunity. She returned to work and the frequency of the colds reduced till they stopped.

explaining naturopathy
naturopathy and holistic health explained

David’s Chron’s

David was told by the hospital that he had a mild case of Chron’s. Nonetheless 2 or 3 times a week, he would have excruciatingly painful attacks of diarrhoea which could go on for hours. Not very nice. All the same, David declined surgical removal of the inflamed part of his intestines; whereupon the hospital said they could not help him further.

David was an extremely tense person. I referred him to a psychologist colleague who advised me that he was so tense because he was always bursting with good ideas to get on in life, but, brought up by distant, elderly parents, felt there was no place for him in the world and so never took any initiative.

I gave David a Bach preparation designed to stimulate initiative and a herbal calminant for the gut. We discussed his diet and pinpointed all the foods which seemed to trigger his diarrhoea attacks. We eliminated these and introduced foods which are easy on the gut together with daily slippery elm porridge which soothes gut lining.

David trained as a paralegal and, even before course completion, was given a contract by a law firm who recognised his talents. His attacks stopped and he became gradually calmer.

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Audio Files