using iridology for natural health treatment


PHASE 2 - Iridology is the next step. I look at the client’s irises though an iridoscope which is the examination tool of Iridology. How does this work? If you look at the iris, you will see a mosaic of colours and shapes. These features are at the end of nerve channels which go to the brain and continue to various parts of the body.

Iridology researchers have succeeded in linking the different parts of the mosaic to particular areas and organs of the body and telling us what the shape and colouration of these parts have to say about what they are linked to.

Through iridology, we can see inherent weaknesses, sub-functioning of organs, blockages, infestation with parasites and so on. Iridology has come so far in recent years that it can even give us an extremely accurate psychological portrait of the examinee.

We can also see what the client’s constitution is. Everyone has one or more of several constitution types. The constitution will tell us the inherited strengths of the person in terms of health and personality, as well as his pathological tendencies.

For example, those with the LARVATE TETANIC constitution (cramp rings in the eyes) are fundamentally nervous. This nervousness will create pathways of disease which we will invariably see in the client.

This examination ought to give me the basis of a holistic picture. In other words, through iridology, I will see basic malfunctioning of the system in one or more different ways and hopefully what I see will also tie in with the symptoms we discovered in the initial chat.

Phase 3
using an iridoscope for natural healing