About Me

I am Nevena Leah MAKOVER. I was born in Yugoslavia to a socialist, academic family. After graduating in music and sociology, I moved to W. Germany and married, after which two daughters came to the world. How to bring up my children deeply concerned me; and due process of thought led me to see the conventional world as shallow and mechanistic, not the environment I wanted for them. Was there an alternative milieu?

I placed my children in a Waldorf school. The school’s objective was to bring up children as feeling, creative individuals. It was here in the parents’ evenings that I learned about natural medicine. Not only did I take it on board for my family, but I took to copious reading of naturopathic literature.

Soon I discovered my Jewish roots (taken from me by the socialist regime of my childhood) and turned to Chassidic Judaism, of which I am a follower till today. Chassidism teaches that while God seems to have abandoned the world, He is there for us if we turn to Him; and His intention for us is that we develop humility, love, find our life course, pursue learning and live with Him at all times.

My Training
Leah Makover naturopath at the Holistic Health Clinic