natural health supplements


We produce high quality herbal supplements in the form of capsules and fluid extracts.

We believe only in pure products. So strictly no fillers, binders, flow agents and so on. All capsules and ingredients are vegan and the capsule size is 0.

Each product contains a herbal formula addressed to a specific issue such as constipation, hormone imbalance, energy, etc.; and our formulae are taken from the great herbalists (some with adaptations based on my experience as a herbalist). So they’re all well tried over generations.

The supplements are made exclusively from quality UK or European herbs – many organic or biodynamic. Our production site is radiation free.

To buy our supplements, got to www.classicherbalformulae.com

Passover: capsules and ingredients are non-chometz. Various formulae have individual Passover certification for stricter observance. Please phone for details.