Natural treatment plan



At the end of our consultation, the client and I have a full discussion of my findings and my treatment plan. The treatment plan will involve any of the following: supplements, change of lifestyle, exercises, referrals to other practioners (for example, to an osteopath for postural adjustment) laboratory testing, thoughts for your meditation, and so on. I might also suggest you undertake Mental Field Therapy with me in order to remove emotional blocks to healing and accelerate the whole process.
I also encourage you to watch on You Tube videos by world leaders about natural health and read up on the subject, for knowledge is also a big step towards healing.
The client is of course free to make his/her own treatment decisions.
A consultation takes on average 1¼ hours.

Finally, there is follow up. The client will ring me from time to time to update me. Any difficulties, please tell me. This is very important. In most cases, a further consultation is advisable. This can be 1-3 months after the initial meeting, depending on the client’s condition. Follow up consultations are at a reduced price and take approximately one hour.

5 Simple Cases